6 Dudes Give Their Best Tricks for Changing Diapers

Let’s be honest - no one loves changing diapers. It’s quite a jarring experience the first time you discover that something so huge and stinky can come out of something so small and sweet. If you and your partner find yourselves playing rock-paper-scissors every time your baby releases a poop bomb causing a choking haze throughout the house, then consider yourself officially a part of the parents club. Really, the only way to become a master of this discipline is through experience. We’ve enlisted the help of six dads who have generously shared their best tricks for diaper changing efficiency to ensure this unsavory task is quick, painless and done correctly.

Drew from San Francisco calls this one the “The Bandit”:

“The pervasive, even toxic smell was too much to take. The only way I found to combat the smell is to shield yourself against its formidable powers. Assuming most people don’t have a gas mask readily available, a quick diy t-shirt mask will do the job. Grab an old t-shirt by the sleeves and tightly secure the covering over your mouth and nose. Even this modest barrier will prove to be a Godsend when your little one decides to drop something particularly foul.”

Bandit Dad

Mark from Toledo practices “The Chatterbox”:

“I found if I focus on something else the smell doesn’t get to me as much. So I try to maintain a dialogue with my son. First, I lay him down and play with him a bit to get him in a good mood. Then I start talking to him - and focus on what I am saying to distract myself from the smell. I talk about anything. My day, things I want to do with him, I’ve even delivered the Gettysburg Address (that’s stuck in my mind from a contest from years ago.) I think talking with your baby is always a great way to bond and connect...and gets me through the changing experience.”

Chatterbox scan leveled

Elliot from Vermont is the “The Baby Roller”:

“Most parents grab their infant by the ankles and bring their legs upwards during a diaper change. While this can be speedy, I’ve heard it isn’t great for the baby and can cause colic. So I am all about the Baby Roll. I place my hand on her chest and gently roll her side to side. I sneak the diaper under after the final wipe. I’ve gotten really good at it and can now do it in pretty much any situation and just as fast as the old way. I highly recommend the Baby Roll.”

Baby Roller Scan Leveled

John from Detroit is a “Double Bagger”:

“If I am expecting a particularly troublesome change, I’ll slide a second diaper right under the one my son is wearing. This makes the whole process fast, and provides a quick way to contain everything - especially if he starts peeing while I am doing the change. This trick has saved me more than once.”

Double Bag Scan Leveled

Stephen from Boston tests for the “Perfect Fit”:

“In the first couple of months I didn’t realize how important getting the right fit was to prevent blowouts and leaks. I’ve developed a quick test to make sure the diaper isn’t too tight or loose on Molly. First, I make sure it covers her belly button, this ensures it is high enough on her. Then I close the sides and push two fingers between her and the diaper. Any tighter than that and it’s likely it’ll get messy later on.”

Perfect Fit Scan Leveled

Jack from Denver knows how to handle the real disasters:

“Potty training can be a challenge sometimes and inevitably you find yourself faced with a disaster that no amount of wipes can handle. In these situations I forget about trying to clean up whatever mess is in front of me and head straight to the bathtub. I’ve learned the hard way that trying to clean up the mess where-ever it happened doesn’t work… you’re stuck with an impatient 2 year old with poop all over both legs and you wind up going through an entire box of wipes and in the end nothing is really clean. The bathtub is the best strategy for these situations.”

Bath Baby Scan Level

Pooja Dhuldhoya
Pooja Dhuldhoya


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