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6 Dudes Give Their Best Tricks on How to Change a Diaper

by Andrew Wollenberg |  | 1 comment

Let’s be honest - no one loves changing diapers. It’s quite a jarring experience the first time you discover that something so huge and stinky can come out of something so small and sweet. If you and your partner find yourselves playing rock-paper-scissors every time your baby releases a poop bomb causing a choking haze throughout the house, then consider yourself officially a part of the parents club. Really, the only way to become a master of this discipline is through experience. We’ve enlisted the help of six dads who have generously shared their best tricks for diaper changing efficiency to ensure this unsavory task is quick, painless and done correctly.

Comments (1)

  • ananthi on October 02, 2019

    Karan johar asked if he changes his <a href=“”Baby nappiess he said i don’t change. I am terrible at change the nappies. And i don’t want my babies to have badly change nappies. I love them and I adore them there are my life but i don’t change there nappies

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