9 Babies Who'll Inspire You to Go Outdoors

We applaud these bold parents who share their love of nature with their little ones. These adventurous moments with mom, dad, and baby prove that it’s never too early to enjoy the great outdoors. Take a look at 9 of the bravest babies we’ve seen on social media.


  1. Chasin’ waterfalls with momma @xoxo_maragarita

(credit: @xoxo_maragarita - Instagram)


  1. It’s a leap of faith for @naya_says and dad @gabrielnunez1.

(credit: @naya_says, @gabrielnunez1 - Instagram)


  1. In the splash zone.

(credit: @andresamadaorarts - Instagram)


  1. Rolling through the great Montana plains.


  1. Catching dinner with dad.

(credit: Hans Howard, Facebook)


  1. No trail, no problem. 

(credit: @addieday - Instagram)


  1. Retreating to the mountains in New Zealand. 

(credit: @arrudawakening - Instagram)


  1. Deer whispering via @justinsteeley

(credit: @justinsteeley - Instagram)


  1. Summiting obstacles with dad @metromancave.

(credit: @metromancave - Instagram)

Whether you go hiking, fishing, or traveling, you’ll carry with confidence in Mission Critical’s baby carrier. The great outdoors is calling - will you answer it?

Angellyne De Perio
Angellyne De Perio



Katrina Wollenberg
Katrina Wollenberg

April 05, 2017

Inspirational, truly. Babies really can’t go anywhere!

Papa J
Papa J

April 04, 2017

MC thanks for helping to keep my grand-baby Naya-Saya safe!
Tempest Pops.

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