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With every baby, a new father is born. But birth is just the first step of the journey into fatherhood. The only certainty is that it’ll be uncertain.

There will be thousands of books, advice from all corners, and tons of gear. But ultimately, everything you need to become a dad is already in you: courage, love, optimism, and endless grit—all essentials.

Get out into nature. Follow your instincts. Be present. Make space to connect. Find each other. Discover the person you’re searching for, in your child and inside yourself.

There will be long nights, forgotten diapers, and plenty of drool. But it’s worth it, every single unexpected moment. And nothing can take away from the discoveries that lie ahead of you both: the awe of seeing a bird take flight or learning you love the same trailside snack.

These are the moments that make memories and build bonds for life. That’s why, from the very beginning, our goal has been to make essential gear for extraordinary dads.

We know there will be lots of questions along the journey. Where will we go? What will we find? And what will we leave behind?

Let’s head out there and start finding the answers together.

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