About Us

Founders Andrew & LeAnna

Andrew Wollenberg founded Mission Critical in 2013. A resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, environmental designer, outdoorsman, and favorite uncle, Andrew set out to create products made specifically for dads. Familiar with high-performance outdoor and tactical gear, Andrew knew he needed to provide dads with equipment built to last: our products are tough, functional, and modular, with a sleek reinforced construction that can go anywhere. Mission Critical believes in supporting parents to take the same adventures they did before they had kids. 

Mission Critical offers a modular baby carrier and line of carrying accessories uniquely designed for dads, using military-grade materials and construction. Mission Critical's Baby Carrier is the first designed to work with an attachable Daypack, giving parents the ability to create an equally balanced load front to back. This allows for better posture while keeping all of baby’s supplies within easy reach. The debut product line includes the Baby Carrier, Daypack, Backpack, and Messenger Diaper Bag.