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"It’s well-constructed, quite rugged and it fits a guy’s body proportions well, making it a good carrier to bring along when Dad is certain to be the one doing the carrying." 

The National Parenting Center Read More 



“Designed for either forward- or inward-facing carrying, Mission Critical eschews the wide hip belts that work so well on women’s bodies and uses robust, well-padded shoulder straps to comfortably carry your dear little one for hours on end. Granted, it does have a fairly military aesthetic—like, you might be parachuting into a live fire situation with your baby strapped to you—but beyond looks, the practicality of the carrier wins the day.” 

- Robb Report Read More


“While these 7 baby carriers are definitely dad-friendly, this one is designed specifically for guys; both active dads who need a piece of tough high-performance kit for their many outdoor adventures, and less active ones, who just want to look totally badass walking through Pottery Barn.” 

 Fatherly Read More


“Baby daddies rejoice…this product is just for you. Founded by an environmental designer and favorite uncle, the Mission Critical Baby Carrier is constructed using military-grade materials. (You’ll look so rugged while singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.)” 

 weeSpring Read More


“Not all baby carriers are made equally, and there are some truly frightening designs available for parents who want a hands-free solution to their kid-carrying needs. But, check out Mission Critical’s Baby Carrier, a uniquely designed front carry baby carrier that is incredibly easy to put on and use.” 

- Hi Consumption Read More


Mission Critical, for example, makes diaper bags, daypacks, and carriers specific to baby daddies and, more specifically, to baby daddies who don't want to look like walking Candy Land boards just because they had kid.” 

- Dude I Want That  Read More


“The role of dads has sure changed from 10-20 years ago. Today a lot of dads are actively involved and enjoying a more nurturing role. Mission Critical create products made specifically for dads, using military-grade materials and construction.” 

- Bless This Stuff Read More


“The Mission Critical Baby Carrier was made with Gen Y fathers in mind, so it "has an urban assault tactical vibe to it.” 

- THE WEEK Read More


“One of the best advantages of the Mission Critical Baby Carrier is the fact that you have MOLLE  webbing on the front for additional pouches that you or your child may need.” 

- Alden Morris Watch Now


“One of the best advantages of the Carrier Daypack is that the changing pad is well within arm's reach just in case you need to lay your baby down in an emergency situation.” 

- Alden Morris Watch Now


“The Mission Critical carrier allows parents to feel secure while wearing their child. [...] this carrier has more latches and straps than most carriers which add an extra sense of comfort to wearing your child.” 

 - Babywearing International of Phoenix Read More


“...while products like the Diaper Dude are out there to help give hands-on Dads the tools they need without looking like a flower garden, the macho baby products aren’t very easy to find. Well don’t worry Dads. Mission Critical is entering the baby wearing market this winter with an AWESOME structured carrier made with Dads in mind.”

- BabyList Read More


“As a former Law enforcement special operations team member, I love tactical gear and that’s what I want for MY baby gear too! When my wife told me about Mission Critical, I was thrilled. I have never been so excited to have something arrive for the baby. It was something for ME for a change!” 

- Mom Does Reviews Read More



“[…] the greatest advantage the Mission Critical Baby Carrier offers over other baby carriers is the MOLLE webbing that can be found on the back plate of the carrier itself. This MOLLE webbing is designed specifically for the Mission Critical Carrier Daypack but will hold virtually any accessory, utility, or modular pouch.” 

- Survival Life Read More


This is a baby carrier that features a MOLLE system to attach… stuff to it[....] Heck, it looks like something a SWAT team would wear, except it’s your baby you stuff inside. It’s awesome! 

- Oh Gimo! Read More


“Mission Critical creates everything that Dad might want to be specifically for men. This includes both baby carriers and diaper bags – two things that Dads might not want to have designed with Mom in mind.” 

- Mom Blog Society Read More


“This one will go down well with dads because the Mission Critical is not an ordinary baby carrier. It is designed to look like a tactical vest and you wear it like a plate carrier. However, don’t be fooled by its seemingly rugged appearance. This carrier is very comfortable and completely functional.” 

- Jebiga Design & Lifestyle Read More


The Tactical Baby Carrier from Mission Critical looks like it's just a bodycam and a couple of Kevlar inserts shy of a Take Your Kid To Work outfit for law enforcement [...] the only way this baby carrier could be more outstandingly manly is if it came with a rock climbing harness.” 

- Daddy Types Read More


“You may be settled down, but the smart spy daddy is always ready to go. The Mission Critical baby carrier ensures that you’ll escape danger at every turn [...] Even the most impossible of unsafe missions can’t compare to this gear.” 

- Unique Hunters Read More


“[...] this carrier is super cool, especially for something that was built specifically for men in mind. While several carriers fit both parents, and this one could too, but it was definitely built more towards a male caregiver in appeal, design, and shape, which at TCOP we think is pretty rad. Anything you can do to help parents bond is a great idea in our book and worthy of consideration.” 

- Carrying on Project Read More


The Mission Critical Carrier “The product is nearly flawless...In fact, the first time I was putting it on in public, the man next to me had to roll his window down and comment how my Mission Critical carrier was the absolute best thing he has ever seen.” Read More

The Bottle Holder “Its perfect for your bottle or the baby’s.” Read More

Accessory Pouches “This rectangular pouch is perfect for snacks, bibs, or anything else you may need to carry on your daily journeys with your kid.” Read More

- Dad Gear 


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In a nutshell, they are awesome and if you don’t have one, you should go out and buy one.” 

- aDADable Read More


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Now I can’t wait to have a baby...the ideal gift for a new dad.” 

- The Daily Caller Read More


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This carrier guys is not a joke. Mission Critical thought of it all. It fits so comfy and has straps and pockets everywhere needed. I can’t tell you how much I love having a man-ly baby carrier!” 

- Allure Avenue Read More

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