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Our Baby Gear Design Process

by Andrew Wollenberg |

We get asked all the time, “What is your design process?” To sum it up simply we design from within, seeking inspiration from our own experience.

Step 1 — Defining the Challenge

What is missing? Is it a single product, a system, or an entire industry? What holds the possibility to improve relationships and connection? Through deep observation of the world we live in, inspiration sits around every corner, you just have to be willing to look.

Step 2 — Research

Once the idea is born the research phase begins. Does a product/idea like this exist? What is the history of both modern and indigenous cultures in relation to this idea? Why would people use this product/idea? What other industries rely on similar products and is there any cross-over in use? What is the social impact of the product/idea I am looking to create?

We researched the different safety gear used by emergency first responders, military, outdoor adventuring. The body mechanics of infants. The value of dads being close with their babies and the social impact over time.

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