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Dad Mode Activated - Happy National Superhero Day

by Andrew Wollenberg |

When danger comes around, there’s only one thing to do - activate Dad Mode. While some superheroes have spidey-senses or x-ray vision, dads have the epic power to save kids from themselves. So, we’re celebrating National Superhero day by sharing our favorite, epic “Dad Mode” activations.

  1. Faster than a speeding (plastic) car.

  1. The No-look assist.

  1. Not today RC car. Not today.


4. Ridin’ to the (almost) danger zone.

  1. One-handed catch.



  1. Powered down but not off.

  1. Seamlessly diverting disaster.

With Dad's knack for saving the day, there is no need to send a signal into the sky. Cheers to the superheroes who don’t wear capes.

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