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Our Principles

by Andrew Wollenberg |  | 3 comments

These are the qualities our company was founded on and that guide our thinking and doing, everyday. They describe what we value in each other and what we hold each other to as a team. They inspire us when we think about new opportunities, design new products, or grow business relationships.

Endless Curiosity

We look at every experience as a new adventure to explore with childlike curiosity, deep observation, and inquisitive learning.

Active by Nature

We’re active by nature and inspired by it. Getting out there stimulates our mind, sparks our senses, and teaches us something new every single day.

Bonds for Life

We believe that early bonding between dad and baby is essential. It creates a lifetime of natural confidence, healthy habits, and strong family bonds.

Freedom to Roam

We know that great design enables great freedom. The courage to go farther and the peace of mind to enjoy the moments that matter most.

Built with Purpose

We take pride in our purpose and remain honest in our pursuit, patiently mastering our skills to strengthen the relationships and products we build.

Comments (3)

  • Mission Critical on October 02, 2019

    Hi Carolyn, we think you are asking if the System 01 Baby Carrier can be worn to carry the baby in the front or back? The System 01 Baby Carrier can carry the baby in the front only. The System 02 Baby Carrier can carry the baby in the front of back. Thank you

  • Carolyn Danek on October 02, 2019

    Can the tactical baby back pack be used on the back as well as having the baby in front of you???

  • Katie larsen on October 02, 2019

    Having had five kids with an amazing husband I can tell you he carried all our kids from a young age. I wish your product existed sooner!! He was a trooper using all the other carriers we have had over the years!!! Dad bond is huge and so important!! Best of luck to y’all!

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