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Gabe Nunez is a Professional Freerunner, Hollywood Stuntman, CEO of Tempest Freerunning, and, most importantly, father of a baby girl named Naya.

Originally from El Paso, TX, Gabe has turned Los Angeles, CA into his home, where he is CEO of Tempest Freerunning and works on major blockbuster films and TV shows.

Once a world champion freerunner and avid competitor, Gabe is now dedicated to the growth of this exciting new action sport and continues to passionately train to improve his skill set.

As a stunt performer some of his notable projects were doubling for Adam Sandler in You Don’t Mess With the Zohan; working as Colin Farrell's stunt double in Total Recall, Dead Man Down, and True Detective; and doubling Taylor Lautner in Tracers and Ridiculous 6. A complete list of Gabe's work can be found on IMDB.

Of all his undertakings, fatherhood has shown Gabe that there's no Mission more Critical than raising his little girl Naya. There's nothing more important than having his little girl join him on every new adventure, and thanks to Mission Critical he can!

Learn more about Gabe in his Q&A.


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