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Top 5 “New Dad” Questions From Redditors Answered

by Pooja Dhuldhoya |

Man and Baby

As a new dad, there are a million questions that arise everyday. Am I doing this right? Is this normal? AskDad and Daddit sub Reddits have made it easy for men to find quick, sound (skrew you trolls) and experienced advice all within a keyboards reach away. We searched Reddit to see what common challenges new dads were facing as first time parents. Below, advice from child development experts and our own personal experience provides answers to the top five most talked about new dad questions buzzing on the Internet.

1. NotGoing2Say: What's a good way to change my son's bottom without getting pee'd on? Little boys have a wonderful gift of being able to shoot while getting a new diaper put on and I want to avoid getting pee'd on, having pee on the carpet etc…

For some reason baby boy’s have a tendency to pee as soon as their genitals hit the air. After one too many super soaker encounters, it’s time to find a more effective way of changing in order to safeguard oneself from getting sprayed. Here are a few tips from our personal experience: 1. Have toy’s and shining objects dangling near your changing space to provide a distraction for your baby 2. Place a clean diaper under your baby before removing the soiled one 3. When removing the soiled diaper, wipe downwards to clear off any excess waste and dispose 4. Now, your baby’s genitals are exposed and a clean diaper rests below him. Place a towel over his genital since the cool air often triggers the sporadic peeing 5. Once the back end is clean, fold up the tabs while slowly removing the towel from over the genitals. For more tips on diaper changing efficiency, check out what these six new dads claim are their best tricks for changing diapers.

2. Anonymous: What are some scary things baby do that are totally normal? I'm bringing my son home today after 3 weeks in the NICU and I'm a little nervous. I'm learning that the weird motions or noises babies make aren't always signs to sound the alarm and panic. What are some things your baby did that freaked you out or worried you but turned out to be totally normal baby stuff?

Reading through the comments from other Redditors, babies can display some pretty abnormal behavior that often times SHOULD be cause for concern. On the other hand, babies can display seemingly abnormal behavior that in reality is perfectly normal. Strange facial expressions often trigger our alarms, as we suspect they are our baby’s way of communicating discomfort or pain. Often times babies make funny faces because they have yet to develop control over their facial muscles, and are trying to mimic the expressions around them. If these expressions are coupled with grumbling or other discomforting noises, it is definitely worth going to see a doctor...most often it is the ever pervasive gas rearing its ugly head. For more information on perfectly normal but seemingly strange baby behavior, check out our blog post: Top Four Questions All Dads Have For Their Under One Year Olds.

3. jesterpwns: Need some new dad advice. I’m a new dad of 3 weeks and i knew before hand it was going to be hard. Turns out i was wrong, it’s nearly impossible. I warned my wife I’m no good with babies and she insisted i will feel different because he’s my own. Turns out again i was wrong. Don’t get me wrong i love him to bits, but with how impatient i can be and my stress level I’m a mental and emotional wreck. I’m not looking for a miracle answer. Just some advice that may help. Was also raised by my single mom so I don’t have a father figure to look up to and ask. Thanks in advance.

First, being overwhelmed as a first time dad is perfectly normal. For some, fatherhood comes naturally, and for others it takes time to adjust. You are adopting an added level of stress when becoming a parent, but with the right mindset, it can certainly be manageable. According to psychologist Dr. Daniel Tomasulo, being a new father is a daunting task, but research shows that one of the best things you can do to bond with your new baby and make your marriage stronger, is to change more diapers. His 10 tips for new dads will help first time fathers ease their transition into fatherhood.

4. CyberCrusader: Need advice, how to keep a infant asleep who wakes up after rolling onto his belly? So last night my LO hit a new milestone, I should have seen it coming when the babysitter said that all day he was working on flipping to his belly from his back, but now he's doing in subconsciously and then wakes up crying (at 1am and thereafter, like any normal human being obviously). I love to encourage his skill development, just not in the middle of the night. Short of duct taping him to his crib (:P) what are some practical things we can do? Is sleep flipping going to be a part of his future for a while?

It’s exciting to watch your young infant grow, develop and learn new skills—unless those skills are keeping them up all night! You’ll find as your child grows, that they don’t really discriminate between awake time and asleep time (or, rather, ought-to-be-asleep time) when practicing their skills. While your baby is awake in the crib, they may practice rolling around at the expense of a good night’s sleep. According to the Baby Sleep Site, “To help your baby through this stage, and maximize everyone’s sleep: first, remember that there is no “cure” for this. That said, some parents find that simply turning their children over each time they roll is a great way to help them through this phase. That’s especially true for babies who can roll one way (say, back to front), but can’t roll the other way, and who don’t really like being “stuck” in a different position. Since this phase is usually short-lived (generally 2-3 weeks), this is an easy, short-term solution. You can also invest in a product that helps keep you baby positioned on their back in the center of the crib. If your baby prefers to sleep on their back and gets upset when they roll onto their belly and can’t roll back, this product is a perfect solution.”

5. Edgar_Allan_Bro: Teething like a monster, sleeping like a newborn…! Any good tips to get this guy to sleep through the night? Excuse the flair; haven't been around much and currently on mobile. Have a 1 year old who's going through some major growing/teething pains and can't seem to stay asleep much longer than an hour at a time unless he's attached to me or his mom. Unfortunately, wife is a night shift ER nurse so half the week, it's just me. Tonight is one of those nights. This has been going off and on for the past 3 weeks or so; he's got a ton of teeth coming in so I know he's uncomfortable, but we don't want to just load him up on a ton of Tylenol (wife being a nurse she knows how bad it is for him).Daddit is the only place I trust with solid advice from multiple viewpoints... Anyone have any tips? We've abstained from any cry it out methods; he's usually good at self-soothing but he's clearly in pain. I'm just hoping to get some sleep tonight. Anything helps, thanks in advance.

The discomfort of teething can often lead to sleep problems that result in a disruptive night's rest and a fussy morning. New Kids Center has many useful tips to get a teething baby to sleep through the night. If you’re not a big fan of using painkillers or teething gels, there are many alternatives that can help improve your child’s comfort. Start by addressing their irritated gums. Applying coolness to their gums through chilled foods like yogurt or applesauce will help alleviate pain. Create a quiet and calm environment to help promote sleep regularity. Also, maintain a consistent bedtime routine to help ensure your baby gets enough rest and relaxation.

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