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5 Adventures for Dads of Young Kids

by Pooja Dhuldhoya |

As dad’s, we tend to undermine the value of our playful relationships with our children as second tier to the intuitive, hormonal connection mother’s have with children. Rest assured, being a source of entertainment and fun is a gateway to a more bonded connection that will reinforce your role as a security figure. Below are five adventures dads can take with their children to build a strong, lasting bond.

1. Go Geocaching

Geocaching Adventure for Dads and Kids Mission Critical

Geocaching (pronounced GEE-o-cash-ing) is essentially a high-tech treasure hunt that offers you a family-friendly bonding experience to expose your newborn to the wonders of the outdoors. So what exactly is geocaching? According to REI Co.op the short, humorous answer is: “Using billions of dollars of military hardware to find Tupperware hidden in the woods.” Their more helpful answer: “Geocaching uses handheld GPS units to find hidden “caches” in your neighborhood or out on trails. Caches are containers of all sizes that may be camouflaged to blend into their surroundings. Inside there will be—at a minimum—a logbook to sign, with larger caches also containing various inexpensive trinkets for trade.” Strap your little one onto the Mission Critical Baby Carrier and fill up your Daypack with the outdoor essentials, and get to hunting. This experience will begin to instill a sense of exploration, curiosity, reinforce hard work and reward, and establish an appreciation for the natural world.


2. Catch An Afternoon Train Ride 

Train Ride Adventure for Dads and Kids Mission Critical

Riding trains opens up a whole new world for your little one. Their senses are hyper stimulated by all the new sights, sounds and movement. They’re beginning to discover the wonders of the gigantic world around, which will elicit some pretty amusing stunned expressions. Whether it is a train ride to another city, or a simple train ride at a local zoo or theme park, the experience of movement and rapidly changing sights will be a fun new experience for your baby.


3. Have Camping Night In Your Backyard

Camping Adventure for Dads and Kids Mission Critical

 What’s the first thing you think of when you think camping with kids? Exploration? Outdoor adventures? No, chaos. Enter the backyard campout: low on stress, high on thrills. Camping in the comfort of your own backyard can still be filled with chock-full of fun activities; that are fortunately within a shouting distance of a clean bathroom and a stocked fridge away. Add in a few easy activities to entertain your baby, including shadow puppets and campfire songs, and you’ll be sure to create an unforgettable memory. This is also a great way to bond as an entire family, and will give you and your spouse a moment to escape everyday monotony.


4. Watch Planes As They Take Off

Watching Planes Adventure for Dads and Kids Mission Critical

What kid doesn’t love planes? Planes are big and wondrous, and your little ones wide eyed expressions is signalling big thrills. Go to your nearest airport and watch planes take off from within the airport or at a nearby park. If you choose to watch planes take off from the outdoors, consider also setting up a picnic. Swoop up your little and soar them through the air and wait as a fit of laughter ensues. By reinforcing your playful relationship, you are planting seeds for more open communication throughout your child’s development.


5. Have A Jam Session

Music Adventure for Dads and Kids Mission Critical

 Grab some pots, pans and spoons and you’re ready to rock out. Whether you’re using make-shift instruments or toy instruments, spending quality time together creating music is a great way to bond. Nestle your little one in your lap, and help them maneuver their instrument to create stimulating sounds. There are a number of benefits associated with early exposure to music. Instilling a passion for music during their developmental stage will help in later years with their academic performance, as well as their confidence if they decide to pursue music as a hobby. Your supportive presence will reinforce a bond that extends beyond fun. You are planting seeds for lifelong trust, support and security.

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