10 Hilarious Dad & Kid Halloween Costumes

Tequila shots and naughty nurses? Why, when you can ditch the hangover and party hard with your toddler on Halloween. That’s exactly what these dads did. With fatherhood comes new thrills of taking your kid trick-or-treating, resisting the urge to steal all their candy and making sure your unique dad and kid costume crushes the rest of the neighborhood competition. Below are the 10 most hilarious costumes that dads rocked with their kids on Halloween; making for some phenomenal family photos to look back on 20 years from now.

1. Elvis and His Guitar


Via CostumeWorks


2. Ipod and Earbuds

Via Ipods with Earbuds Costume by TS Elliot


3. The Evolution of Michael Jackson

Via CostumeWorks


4. Wayne's World


5. Sharks and Shark Attack

Via BeFickle


6. Little Boy and Old Man From Up

Via CameronAndLaurenBubsy by Cameron and Lauren


7. Steve Jobs and Ipod Shuffle


8. Jack Daniels and Marlboro Cigarettes (Inappropriate Level 1000)


Via TheMetaPicture


9. Dr. Evil and Mini Me

Via CostumeWorks


10. Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

Via Reddit by Paper_Liger


11. Sasquatch Family

Via Rendition Studios

Pooja Dhuldhoya
Pooja Dhuldhoya


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