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Bird Led Adventure

by Andrew Wollenberg |

Great Horned Owl Mom and Baby checking us out on our bird walk.


Dear Parents, 


Some of you asked for additional ideas for adventures right at home so here's another one. Bird Led Adventures. 

Some days, especially when the birds are particularly active, we choose to let the birds lead us. What does that mean? It's easy really, you go outside, listen, and follow whatever birds catch your attention. You can either walk towards them, listen and try to see them or whatever you want. It's another excuse to get outside and spend time with your child.

That's it? C'mon, how is that an adventure?

Just this weekend we went for a Bird Led Adventure one morning. As we headed out on our walk the Acorn Woodpeckers were making a ruckus. They kind of always do but this was more than normal so we decided to follow the noise. Think of it as part listening and part not having to think about where to go (a break for dad) and just letting them guide with no agenda.

We cruised through the woods and ended up discovering a spot where the noise seemed to stop or stay out of so we just waited to see where to next. To our surprise we noticed movement in the crotch of a tree. A moment later a head spun around on a swivel and we had a Great Horned Owl staring right at us. It was amazing! We stood there in awe and then noticed a little fluff behind it. As it turns out it was a mom with two babies (one baby pictured below).

To say the least it was an incredible moment to come across owls during the day and get to share that with my daughter. Now that's an adventure!

Please share your Bird Led Adventure stories with us. 


Andrew & The Mission Critical Team

Geared up for the bird adventure!


Want to learn more about nature and the birds?

Please meet our friend and expert nature educator, Dan Gardoqui. Dan has years of nature education experience and has started a Youtube channel where he teaches how to learn about birds while stuck at home. 

Dan also runs Lead With Nature and is an expert at gazing up at trees.

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