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Curiosity Led Adventure

by Andrew Wollenberg |

Western Fence Lizard doing some push ups on the trail. 


Dear Parents,

Our adventure series has had such great response we are going to keep it going with our next suggestion. Curiosity Led Adventure. 

What does that mean? I'm not sure even we know but we will do our best to explain. Have you been wondering why your baby always wants to go left and signals to go to the same area of your neighborhood? Did they lead you there on the Baby Led Adventure? What about that one corner where all the birds seem to hang out, could there be a nest nearby? Did you notice anything new on any of your walks? If not, you failed, go back and read the blogs... kidding (sort of). But seriously, what did you notice? Anything peak your curiosity? What happens if you take that curiosity and turn it into a question and go for your walk while holding that question? What will you learn this time?

Try these steps; Go outside, check the weather to get appropriately suited up. Pack some snacks or a bottle if you could be out for a while. Load up the baby carrier and step outside. Take a deep breath, scan the area, relax, notice your baby, notice what is catching your attention. Anything you are curious about? Why not head that way and see what happens?

These different exercises have purpose. They are simple exercises to give you a break from the normal day to day. We all have work and life matters pulling our attention, probably now more than ever. But we also care about spending time with our child and want to find ways to make that time meaningful. The intention behind these activities is to take a break from the hustle and to enjoy the world around you as your baby naturally does. The focused time will help build deeper bonds and supercharge communication even at a young age. Please give it a try and share your stories with us.


Andrew & The Mission Critical Team


Cool sunset walks with nothing but Curiosity leading the way...


What new things are you seeing by expanding your curiosity?


The California Poppies are exploding this time of year... 


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