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Cool Dads Wear Babies: Why Dad Needs His Own Baby Carrier

by Andrew Wollenberg |

One of the keys to taking care of your baby is making sure you’re well-equipped with all of the right tools to achieve success. One of the items that should be at the top of your list is a baby carrier specifically for dad. Why does dad need his own baby carrier? Why is it important for dads to prioritize babywearing? Check out our top reasons why dad needs his own baby carrier, and why cool dads wear their babies!

Easy Way to Bond with the Baby

It’s important for every dad to take the time to bond with his baby, and babywearing is a great way to establish that connection. It’s an easy way to keep your little one close as they become accustomed to your heartbeat and your scent. This is also a good way to get some skin-to-skin contact in! Maintaining a sense of closeness with your baby throughout the day is a surefire way to establish a bond with your new baby.

Very Comfortable

Having the right kind of baby carrier will prove to be extremely comfortable, both for dad and for the baby. This is why we highly recommend that dad has his own baby carrier, and a male-centered baby carrier is sure to fit well and provide that sense of comfort and ease. While most baby carriers are understandably made with the baby and mom in mind, we make baby carriers specifically for dad. Designed to fit a man well and with adventure and activity in mind, this is the ideal baby carrier for any dad.

No Need to Readjust

When you share a baby carrier with someone else, you’ll find that there is a constant need to readjust the carrier to fit whoever is wearing the baby at that time. When mom and dad each have their own baby carriers, you eliminate the need to readjust the one you’re sharing and you’re able to maintain the right fit for your own carrier. With the number of items on your to-do list as a parent, worrying about getting your baby carrier back to the right fit after your partner has used it shouldn’t be one of your worries.

Great Workout

Babywearing provides a great workout! Whether you’re going about your normal business and taking care of the to-do list or you’re out on a hike or walk, wearing your baby adds some extra weight, adding an extra element to your activity that is hard to do otherwise. Our Action Daypack Zip works great in conjunction with a carrier if you're trying balance your load on front and back. Especially during those newborn days, it can be easy to go days on end without leaving the house. Once it’s safe for your newborn to go out and about, be intentional about getting out and being active.

Appease Your Baby’s Curiosity

Your little one is learning all about the world around them. Your baby is ready to start facing outward in their baby carrier at around 6 months of age. Once they’re ready, get them settled in their baby carrier and appease their curiosity for the world around them. Whether you’re on a quick walk to grab the mail or you’re taking a walk together as a family, this is a great way to help your baby stay calm and take in their surroundings.

Easy to Multitask

One of the first things you learn in parenthood is that multitasking is key to getting things done. Holding your baby in the crook of your arm or balancing them on your hip can work, but for optimal multitasking abilities, get them comfortable in the baby carrier. This leaves you with both hands free to tackle the to-do list, help older kids with schoolwork, or send out a quick email for work. Not only will you be able to get things done, but your little one will be comfortable and close, providing a lot of peace of mind.

Convenient for Feeding

If you’re bottle feeding, you’ll quickly find that the position your baby is in in their baby carrier works wonders for mealtime. Prep the bottle and easily feed them, simultaneously taking care of mealtime and keeping them close and comfortable. You’ll also find that they’re in a great position to be burped once they’re done with their bottle.

Give Mom a Break

If there’s anyone who needs a break every now and then, it’s a new mom. Let her take a quick nap or get out of the house by taking care of the baby for a few hours. Strap them into the baby carrier and tackle some items on her to-do list. It’s amazing the things you can accomplish with the baby happily sitting in a baby carrier.

Good Way to Soothe Baby

Is your little one fussing? Are they tired and struggling to fall asleep? Having your baby in a baby carrier is a great way to soothe and help them through those tough moments. Being close to mom or dad and getting the swaying motion that comes with walking is a natural way to soothe a baby. This is also a great way to establish that bond with your baby that we were talking about earlier. Being a source of comfort will help you feel closer to your little one and help you gain more confidence in your role as a dad.

Time to Start Babywearing

So whether you’re looking for a way to multitask while taking care of your little one or you’re on the search for how you can establish a bond with your new baby, you can be confident that babywearing will always be a great option. Getting dad his own baby carrier is a must for any family with a little one in tow, so be sure to check out some of our dad-centered carriers!

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