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What Does Fatherhood Mean to You?

by Andrew Wollenberg |

We asked two Hollywood stuntmen what Fatherhood means to them. 

Gabriel Nunez is a world champion free runner and professional stuntman.

Holland Diaz is a Hollywood stuntman. 


Words of advice to other fathers?

HD: Be present, be there with your child, give them unconditional love.

GN: Leading in the way you want to be led, chasing passions and dreams and showing your child that those things are possible for them as well. 


Impact of fatherhood on your life?

HD: Molding another person, teaching them everything you know, passing along the things I picked up. 

What is your parenting style?

GN: I tend to be someone who is go-with-the-flow and parenting kind of demands that. When Naya is experiencing something either good or bad I like to learn how she is going to handle it first and then address it with emotions and understanding.

HD: Wilder is an active kid, always jumping off stuff so I need to let him get bumped up a little bit to learn. I like to support him to the point where he figures out he doesn’t need any help.

What has fatherhood taught you?

GN: Taught me the lesson of valuing my time, continuing to invest in myself and then my time with my daughter is more valuable. Bring my daughter with me to share with her the possibilities.

HD: How to cultivate his passions of what he is interested in and simultaneously share new things at the same time.

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