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Animal Led Adventure

by Andrew Wollenberg |

A Friendly Yellow Faced Bumblebee


Dear Parents,

Animal Led Adventure is another excuse to get outside with your little one and connect with the world around you. Take a break from work etc. and shift your focus to your neighborhood. Remember babies don't have the same stories we do, they aren't thinking about grocery shopping or that work email that needs to be written, they are learning through the world around them. 

Animals are all over our neighborhoods. You can find entertainment in something as simple as a bumblebee defending its favorite sage bush. Or maybe some of you have dogs you walk and can test following their lead to see what interests them. What about getting close to a neighborhood cat? If you are lucky enough to have woods near by what about following a set of tracks to see where they take you. Have you ever noticed those paths in the grass? What do animals have to teach us about where we live?



We have a neighborhood cat that likes to walk with us. I am convinced our daughter thinks it's our cat because she basically lives in our yard and will take evening strolls with us. The reality is the cat appeared at our house one day prior to our daughter being born and I spent time walking with her and getting to learn about our neighborhood from her perspective. What trees she loved to use as scratching posts, what grasses she would nibble on, what birds didn't like her, and where she couldn't go because another cat didn't want her in his territory. It was a great way to prepare for fatherhood and learn about slowing down to discover how another animal experiences the world. How else do we learn to listen to our children? 

Practicing these activities while your baby is in the carrier is a great way for you as a parent to prepare for when they become mobile. It is a chance to start to learn their language. The more respect we show our children from the beginning, by tuning in and listening to what the world looks like from their perspective, the more sense of self, comfort, security, confidence and on and on they will experience.

So get outside and let the animals lead!



Andrew & The Mission Critical Team


A California Mule Deer enjoying some apples in the suburbs .

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